Information Security

Rapid access and transfer of information is essential to our modern commercial environment.
Yet, in the rush to meet deadlines, the security of the very information that makes a business
unique is often overlooked. Laptops and paperwork left on trains, memory sticks found in car
parks and computers still holding sensitive information turning up on E-bay are all examples of
the kind of things that happen when we fail to take adequate measures to protect our data.
Stories reported by the press are, of course, the high profile ones. Many smaller organisations
and departments, juggling demands and pressed for resources, are putting key information at risk simply because they believe they don’t have the time or manpower to assess and understand the risks or to apply appropriate controls.

This course will help delegates understand some of the simple measures that can be taken to
protect the security of their information, whether held electronically or on paper. The course is
applicable to all organisations, public or private, but will be particularly beneficial to those with no
Information Security specialist within their departmental or management structure. It will help
participants to understand general security principles, provide insight into current threats and
guidance on formulating a security plan.