Welcome to Power Seminars

At Power Seminars we take commerce seriously.  We believe that a better understanding of the processes that drive commerce can help and inspire everyone involved to do a better job and achieve success at a personal as well as an organisational level.

We help clients to achieve commercial success through a range of commercial training programmes delivered by authoritative, expert practitioners who are also skilled trainers. In addition to our range of standard programmes we work with trade and professional bodies as well as individual organisations to deliver competitively priced public or private courses tailored to the clients’ requirements.  Our programmes cover contract law, commercial law, commercial skills, international trade, negotiation, procurement skills and selling skills.

We offer consultancy services either directly or through associates to provide support beyond the training programme on commercial and information security matters. We use experts who are dedicated to helping your organisation achieve best practice and meet operational and strategic challenges. 

Using our extensive event management experience we deliver events to meet our clients’ needs giving them just as much, or as little, support as they want. We take the load off our clients leaving them free to attend, network and generally make the most of their event.



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